My Summer Treasure


How do I know this?

The kids are out of school, all the stress I was feeling about end of year IEP’s and whether or not  Meggers was moving on to 5th grade is over.  *phew* Not to mention the fragrant smell of BBQ and suntan lotion in the air and the pool is a nice temp for swimming with daddy!

Does anyone else hear the Dirty Dancing soundtrack when you look at this picture?

“Now I’ve… had… the time of my life…”

summer fun

Oh, and  there’s this…

summer table

summer crafts have officially exploded all over my dining room table!  Not that I’m complaining!  I love it when my baby girl gets creative, after all she’s my little treasure!

Which brings me to my new favorite song for the summer so far…

Treasure by Bruno Mars!

Nice Segue!


I’ve always loved anything with a vintage 70’s funk sound and this song will definitely get me twerking shaking my booty!

So come on…

Crank it up and lets dance!

Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park Feb 2nd, 2013

This is my favorite time of year in Florida, when the sun is shining but it’s still breezy enough for a trip to the beach or a walk around the parks without feeling like you’ll die of heat exhaustion.

This past weekend it was my birthday, so my family and I decided to go on a little trip to Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park. I love this particular park because you can see and learn a lot without all the hustle and bustle of the bigger theme parks.  The walkways are set up beautifully and I can stop to take photographs, while Meg runs back and forth between her daddy and I,  without the fear of losing her to a crowd.

I think this Homosassa park is one of Florida’s many hidden gems!  Their educational programs include a 53-year-old hippopotamus named Lu, a manatee viewing center, alligators and some close up encounters with their reptiles.  They also recently added a shore bird aviary exhibit equipt with a nicely sized viewing area.  Between the beautiful weather, being with my family, and having my camera in tow it was the perfect way to spend my birthday.

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Come On… We’re Building Lego!

Playing with Meg’s Lego and some photo editing stuff!



Like you’ve never paused and played with your kids toys before!



Well… I do! 😉

Seriously though, they never had any cool girly Lego like this when I was younger!

I couldn’t get Meg to touch it when she was little, her fine motor skill weren’t up to par and she had trouble manipulating even the bigger pieces.

Oh how the tides change!

Now she absolutely loves it and she put this little village together in about a week.


I have to admit I really enjoy it too!   Not to mention it makes for a few fun photos!

Still A Work In Progress

My husband knows how much I enjoy taking pictures so last year he decided to buy me a lovely Cannon Rebel.  I’m really enjoying playing with it and learning how to use all its fabulous settings.  Over Christmas my sister and her boys let me take their family photos.  I think they came out pretty good considering I’m still a fairly novice photographer.

PicMonkey Collage

We drove to two locations, but settled on the second as it had a few different areas with lots of colors and textures which made for interesting pictures.  I had so much fun, they’re a good-looking bunch and were willing to try anything I asked.  Of course we had to do one picture Gangnam Style as my youngest nephew is a fan! I definitely think we might have to head back there again soon as I’ve got a few more great photo ideas.