Snapshot Sunday – Hamming it up on Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving turned out really great this year!


 Minus the big fat cold that decided to grace me with its presence! 

Even though I was feeling a tad under the weather I still managed to ham it up a bit for the camera!

Me no feel so well! 

Ooo a photo-op!

Time to pose a bit ’cause that’s how I roll!

Go on giz a kiss!

We even managed to get a cute family photo in front of the tree!


I can’t see the tree! 

Yes… we are THAT tall! *Grin*


Now that’s much better!

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Monday’s Music – Working out to Improv!

  I’m a big fan of Improv!  I LOVED Who’s Line Is It Anyway? Originally with Clive Anderson and then with Drew Carey.  Unfortunately, Who’s Line eventually went off the air and the cast pursued other avenues of entertainment.  Recently though, Drew Carey and the cast of Who’s Line reunited in Vegas for a new show, also on the Game Show Network, called Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza!  Every night I record it so I can watch it while I’m on the treadmill in the morning!  It helps me giggle my way through my morning workout! 

As with any Improv there are funny skits and there are not so funny skits, but in my opinion with the cast they have it’s mostly funny.  My sis-in-law Denise, who I recently turned on to the show,  has said she doesn’t know how I don’t fall off the treadmill laughing?  Well, let me tell you,there have been a few occasions where I’ve come close. 

For Instance…

 In this one skit they do, the audience suggests a topic and two of the cast members play late night talk show hosts selling  music about that topic to their audience.  They get to choose the title and genre of the song as it relates to the topic suggested by the audience.  Two other cast members have to come up with lyrics on the spot with the accompaniment of a pianist.  I about rolled off the treadmill when Chip Esten and Jeff Davis sang this song suggested by Colin Mochrie called “Wipe The Window Hang The Freshner Lets Go” in the style of the 80’s.

In another skit they bring an audience member up on stage, ask them a few questions and two of the cast members serenade them in a song about their life.  Oh My God… I have never come closer to falling off the treadmill than while watching this episode.  The woman they bring on stage is older, but a good sport as well as absolutely hysterical!

So now do you see why I love it?  The whole cast ROCKS!

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No Fart Foods For Mommy!

So last night Meg, Hubby and I were making dinner when Meg came up to me with a piece of paper!

“I wrote a book Mommy!”

“Really?” I said “what’s the title?”

Meg shoved a bright red piece of paper in my face and quickly spurted out the title followed by a cheeky giggle.

“No Fart Foods For Mommy!”

Immediately hubby began to snicker and I could feel a smile start to creep across my face too!

“Really? Hmm… well let’s see it then shall we!”

I took the piece of paper and instantly began to chuckle!

NO FART FOODS FOR MOMMY was written not so neatly across the top of the paper followed by a list…

1. No Lentil Soup

2. No cabbage

3. No beans

Then below the list was this…

In each column I’m apparently grabbing a big bowl of the afore-mentioned “fart foods” and… well it doesn’t take long to guess the sequence of events!

Of course hubby thought it appropriate to break into a fit of laughter! *humph*

Honestly!  Like neither of them fart!   *grin*

All the things I do and this is what I get remembered for? 

 Well I nevah!

 Now pass the lentils! *wink*


Gallery – Smile

Inspired by @DaveFowler’s Mona Lisa Million project, “Smile” is the topic for Tara’s Gallery today over at Sticky Fingers!  I thought I’d put a slightly different twist on it and instead make it a couple of pictures that really made me smile if not chuckle.

So one night as we were having dinner I noticed the light was casting brilliant shadows on our dining room wall.  After doing all the animals one does when making shadow puppets on the wall we decided to go a step further and use Meg as a prop! 

Tell me what you think? Is she a little angel?

Or is she a cheeky little devil?

I don’t know why but the last one always makes me think of the book “where the wild things are?”

Maybe it’s the fork. 🙂

Oh go on then I’ll add one of my favorite pictures of Meg smiling too!  This was taken at a restaurant on Fort Lauderdale beach!  Daddy was making Meggers giggle and I just love how it turned out!