The Purple Prize Goes To…

First and foremost we’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who participated in Purple Day! 

We truly were touched by all our friends,  family and  the readers here at Gone Bananas who pledged to wear purple on March 26th to help spread Epilepsy Awareness! 

Meg took lots of time going over all the fabulous entries we received until she finally picked a winner.

So without further adieu here’s a video, directed and starred in by our very own Meg, revealing our winner and what they’ll receive!

So Congratulations Seeking My Sanity I will be contacting you soon! 

We’d like to give a special shout out to Cassidy and her peeps at for creating Purple Day and everything they do to promote epilepsy awareness.

As well as a big thank you to my sister-in-law Denise over at RunDMT for hosting a fabulous Purple Picnic for Meg and all the promoting she did to try and get people talking about it!

Oh yeah and the folks at have said they will send a little shout out to our winner on twitter! 

A special thanks to all those who entered:

Rebecca at Two become Four for the purple hair dye

Gary at Him Up North for the beautiful flower

Qwerty Mum for the lovely purple party

@jdugald for turning his avatar purple, the purple socks and picks of his girls

The Rainbow Dogess for her gorgeous pooch who donned purple

Meg’s cousin Allana for the Purplicious picture of their new pooch Lucy

19th May Flower for the gorgeous picture in her purple ZARA shawl




The Gallery – Trees

When I saw Tara had picked trees as the theme for this weeks Gallery I knew right away which pictures to use!

I’m always taking pictures of trees and just last week I took this one I call winter meets spring!

The Sycamore tree on the left is in my back yard and I believe I’ve used it for the gallery before!

I also took these two shots at my mums house with my cell phone!

The trees in her front yard are amazing!

For more trees head on over to The Gallery!

Oh and check out my giveaway for Purple Day!



Give a little bit…

Okay so here’s the deal… 

November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month and Meggers and I want to get the word out about  “Talk About It”, a website created by Greg Grunberg (from Heroes) in collaboration with the Epilepsy Foundation to engage  people to talk about epilepsy more to end the stigma. 

The plight to find a cure and  fight the stigma is near and dear to our hearts as our own Meggers lives with Epilepsy.  So we decided what better way to get the word out than to do a giveaway right?! right!  So what are we going to giveaway you ask? 

Meggers and I discussed it and we thought with Christmas right around the corner her favorite  Christmas DVD “Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas” would be the perfect giveaway.


So here are the rules…

1.  In one of your blog posts add one of the cool “Talk About It”  Buttons accompanied with it’s fact asking your readers to check it out.  Not sure what I’m talking about click the Buttons link and I’ll wait for you to come back…

Okay got it?  Cool!   The idea here is to educate people and dispel myths associated with epilepsy.   If you don’t want to do a post you can add the button below to your blogroll (sidebar).


2.  Leave a link to your post or tell me you’ve added the button to your sidebar in the comment area.

3.  For extra credit, I mean an extra chance to win you can post a comment or tweet telling us a fact you’ve learned about epilepsy.  Easy enough right? 

The last day to enter to win this giveaway  will be Nov 30th and  Meg will reveal the winner on Dec 1st.    Meg and I thank you for taking the time to learn about epilepsy and wish you Luck!

100th Post Giveaway Reminder….

Only two days left till I have hubby pick the winner of my 100th Post Giveaway.  I’m giving away the book “Vodka are you there? It’s me Chelsea” by Chelsea Handler and a $10 Starbuck gift card to the winner.  Click the link to my 100th Post Give Away to see the rules.  GOOD LUCK!