A Domestic Dream and a Clogged Disposal

I learned a lesson yesterday in regards to my garbage disposal… DO NOT put angel hair pasta in it!!!

Yesterday was a half day and so I went to pick up my girl and I had a plan.  I thought we could do a little shop around Target, get some food for dinner and still have time to do homework, clean house and get to youth group!

Oh Kirsten you silly, silly domestic dreamer!

The shopping part of the plan we managed no problem!  When we got to the house to complete the rest of my plan I was feeling pretty confident, we had plenty of time, and I even took a little time to give myself a high-five.

Meg got stuck into her history homework and I started cleaning so I could get things prepped for dinner.  As I got closer to the kitchen a smell hit my nose… Blah! What in the world? Was it the garbage? Nope! The garbage had been taken out that morning.  Where in the world is it coming from?  Not the trash, disposal is empty… It had to be something in the refrigerator!

I opened the door to the fridge only to quickly scrunch up my nose as the smell got a little stronger. Yup! The culprit is in here somewhere!  I started fumbling through the left overs to see which plastic container  had past its prime.  There were three… don’t judge!

I headed over to the garbage disposal to get rid of the soft stuff… that’s my rational for things that can go down the disposal.  Is it soft?  Is it small-ish? Will it jam it?  Well, I was about to be opened up to whole new world of garbage disposal etiquette the hard way.

I started with a small container of something that looked like beef stew, although I don’t remember making any, it went down in a shot, no issues there.  Next I started separating a Ziploc bag sized amount of angel hair pasta and started feeding it into the disposal.  It sounded great at first, the sound of food grinding (insert vocal imitation here) and then a it made a sound I hadn’t heard before like the whirring without the grinding and the water started to fill the sink, a lovely soupy broth that looked abd smelled like a mixture of the two containers I’d tried to empty.

What the…?

I turned the disposal off and put my hand in to feel for anything that might have gotten stuck.  Not a fan of putting my hand in the disposal as it always makes me think of horror movies, but I digress… Nothing! I grabbed the plunger and began working on the sink. For an hour and a half I plunged, emptied and refilled the sink. Did I mention to empty it I had to use a cup, a ladle and then toss it out in the back yard? Not fun and it wasn’t budging!

Finally, I turned to facebook to ask for help!  Two of my friends made me giggle when they suggested I call a SCUBA Gerbil or move house.  Another friend suggested a wire coat hanger, which lead to the ear worm “No more wire hangers!”  Thanks Mommy Dearest!  My husband’s friend suggested I call Erich!  Pfft… I can solve this!  My friend Krystal suggested baking soda and vinegar…  Let me just say on a normal clog I bet this idea is amazing.  However, when I tried it on my clog the pressure was so great I could barely keep the plug in and it was spewing out a volcanic science experiment all over the sink. Another hour passed and I was done.  You win garbage disposal!  I couldn’t get the thing to shift.

I moved on to making dinner and cleaning what I could without the use of my sink, all while grumbling and moaning to myself.  I finished prepping dinner and answered some questions about glacier tills and the Seven Year’s Wars and finally my husband walked through the door.  I explained what I did with many hand gestures and then watched him try the same techniques again to no avail.  Finally he took the pipes apart and… well… that Ziploc bag full of pasta might have been a bit more than I initially thought as it had clogged a good portion of the drain pipe.  Hubby tried to give me a little lecture, but I was so over the whole thing I wasn’t about to hear it.


Later that evening I googled what not to put down your garbage disposal and to my surprise there was quite a lengthy list and I violate a good 90% of it.  I mean why can’t you put coffee grounds or egg shells down your disposal? I’ve been doing it for ages.  This list is so long it’s almost not worth having a garbage disposal! Anyway, I guess the moral of this story is, unless you’re married to a plumber, be careful what you put down your garbage disposal. Till next time…

It’s All About The Beaver!

I was sitting at my computer browsing pinterest and facebook looking up educational material when Meggers walked up behind me and said in a very proud voice…

“Mommy would you like to see my Beaver?”

Caught off guard I was like what the… what?

I couldn’t help but smile, giggle and maybe even feel a little relieved when I turned around and there proud as anything was Meggers holding a picture of this big beautiful Beaver!

I think it’s actually quite good!


My First, My Last, My Everything!

I’m sure I’ve probably mentioned somewhere in this blog that I’m a complete Chocoholic! 

*Raises hand*

Hi my name is Kirsten and I’m an addict!

I don’t know what it is about chocolate that’s so satisfying to me, maybe it’s the fact that chocolate releases those feel good endorphins into your brain?  Or… maybe it’s because all that creamy, chocolate goodness just tastes sooo good!

About a week or so ago hubby, Meggers and I were all at the mall so hubs could get his royal shave from The Art Of Shaving, which was an ultra cool gift his mum and step dad got him for Christmas (pics to come next week).  After he was done we headed on over to the Godiva store or as I like to call it the Go Diva store, but I digress!

My fellow chocolate lover and friend Beth over at Seeking My Sanity had let me in on a little chocolate secret. 

You can become a “Godiva Chocolate Rewards” card holder for free! 

 What? Why didn’t I know this? 

Yep apparently with this prestigious membership you can get a free piece of chocolate every month just by flashing your secret card.

*Cue mission impossible music*

Okay so maybe it isn’t quite as 007 as that, but I love to pretend it is and I can proudly say I’m now a member!

But do you blame me? I mean look…

Oh yeah baby!

*Cue Barry White*


Anyway, now you know about my sweet addiction go ahead and link up below to Run DMT’s Friday Food Fight for some more yummy goodness.